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10 Steps to Becoming a Total Money Manager Babe


10 Steps to Becoming a Total Money Babe

Are you ready to get your finances in order and become a money manager babe? Having your own money and being able to “work it” is such a great feeling!

You can be your own personal money manager and there is no need to rely on anyone else!

According to CNN in 1960’s woman could not open a bank account or a line of credit without a man to co-sign for them and if a woman wasn’t married the bank could refuse her (source This is a sad scenario and of course, would not happen today. But this just shows you how far us ladies have come.

It is now 2018 and “us” woman can and will handle our money. We are totally capable of being the go-getter, investor, homeowner and if you are single, YES – you can do it on your own and if you are married, of course, you can have an equal say. You’ve got this!

If you are married it is always beneficial to include both people in the money decisions and you can add SO much value to the budget and use of extra money in your house.

In fact, I know many households where the woman IS the money manager and handles the finances, budget, and bills.

If you are single, you can handle this “money thing” on your own and be ready to pay off debt and plan for financial freedom.

With the “Time’s Up” movement, in full effect after actress Michelle Williams HUGE pay discrepancy between Michelle and her male co-part Mark Wahlberg, it is more important now than ever, that women know their worth and are able to handle their finances. Don’t get me wrong, men have valuable contributions as well, but it is now time we are all included in money management and we can work together to be debt free and save for our futures!


21 Things to Stop Buying to Save Money

Learn what to stop buying and save money!

Stop buying these 21 things and save money

Do you waste money? Have you ever looked – I mean REALLY looked – at what you could cut out of your budget to save money?

There are so many ways to save money, but finding them is not always easy.

I always recommend sticking to ideas that work for you. I mean, if that morning cup of Joe is SUPER important, then keep it but use the other 20 ways I have listed to help you get your budget back on track.

Personal finance is a tricky thing for many people. Often people buy what they “want” or “THINK” they need without looking at price tags.

If you are super rich, then good for you! I hope to be in your shoes one day. But for the rest of us, wouldn’t it be nice to take a vacation or build up an emergency fund with all the “little things” we can save money on over time?

In today’s post, I have listed 21 things people waste money on that can be avoided and save you over $3000 per year. Put that $3000 away in a separate savings account and there you have your mini-emergency fund or your vacation fund… So start planning.

Check out my best money-saving app here

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7 Lies You’ve Heard About Meal Planning and How To Start

Learn how to start meal planning and save time and money!

7 Lies You’ve Heard About Meal Planning

Are you afraid to start meal planning because of certain assumptions you have? Do you think meal planning is boring and a waste of time? This post will walk you through the benefits of meal planning and give you a clear idea on how to save money on your food bill using meal planning.

I’ve been meal planning most of my adult life without even realizing it. You see, back at Central Michigan University times were tough. I was paying for my tuition with student loans and being the frugalista that I am, I took out the minimal amount to cover tuition only.

I then worked full-time to make ends meet at a daycare making around $4-5 an hour. Needless to say, that money did not go far when it came to buying needs like food and most wants were left as gifts from my parents and grandparents (thanks, guys)!

So after leaving the dorms where I had a cafeteria meal plan allowing me to eat whatever I wanted twice a day, I started meal planning on my own for two main reasons:

  1. I only went to the store once a week because I rode a bike (until it was stolen – hard times!).
  2. I was on a very fixed income. This meant I needed my food to last the entire week until I could pump those pedals to the store again.

So after this struggling college experience, I was conditioned to continue meal planning.

After I started living off a teacher’s salary and was making more money, I also had more bills – like paying back those yucky student loans! So with that, I continued my frugal meal planning ways.


What You Wish You Knew Before Buying a Tiny House


What You Wish You Knew Before Buying a Tiny Home

I am obsessed with Tiny House shows on HGTV. When I say small, these houses are small. Like really small.

There’s Tiny House Hunters, Tiny House, Big Living, and Tiny House Living. It has become the new obsession. Own a small house and live more!

It intrigues me that people would downsize to a house that is as tiny as a hermit crab’s dwelling.

Have you ever considered buying a Tiny House after watching these shows? I have and in today’s post, we are going to learn why a tiny house might be a good option and if a tiny house really saves you money.