Ultimate Bundles: Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Review


Genius Blogger's Toolkit Review 2017
This stock photo is included in the bundle as a bonus. You will receive ten free stock photos from Haute Stock.

Update: I bought the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit last year and I am still convinced this is the best blogging bundle for your money. This post is an honest review of last’s years Genius Blogger’s Toolkit, but I will be buying it again this year. Why? Because I could buy these classes separately and pay over $5000, or I could streamline my learning process and save a ton of money.

Can you find free information on the Internet?

Yes! But time is money and if you don’t want to spend countless hours searching for answers to all of your blogging questions and how to make your blog better and profitable, then you will find everything you need all in one place for a low price and save yourself the time of searching to find credible information. This toolkit offers so much and you are learning from the “big dogs” that know what they are doing. This was definitely one bundle that did NOT give me buyers remorse.

I am still using the information I learned from the Toolkit in 2019.

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Early bird bonus

2017 The Genius Blogger’s Toolkit Review:

Being in the personal finance niche, I always consider all of my options before buying anything. After considering whether to invest in the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit from Ultimate Bundles a book I read called “Eat that Frog” by Brian Tracey came to mind. You see, this book gave me some amazing insight into staying productive and running a business. One HUGE lesson Brian teaches is that once you have found your passion (like blogging), continue to learn as much as you can to become the best at what you do.

Do You Have Enough Time in Your Life?

My time is valuable. I want to soak up every second with my two little boys. They just started school so I don’t see them as much. Yet, I used to spend countless hours searching for answers to my blogging questions. However, I learned EVERY second I waste scrolling through and reading articles that don’t help is time wasted I could have spent with my amazing family. Nonetheless, I am living and learning like all of you – so when I found out a new Genius Blogger’s Toolkit was going to become available through Ultimate Bundles, I jumped at the chance to invest in my blog, knowing I was buying a high-quality product that would truly help me and save time – no more searching the vast Internet for my blogging answers – and money!

Since I was disappointed I missed the Genius Blogger’s Toolkit last year, I was super excited to see it was coming back and even better than before!  However, the only kicker is, this bundle is only on sale for eight days (Oct. 2-7-for 2019 sale). So if you are interested, keep reading my review to help you make up your mind. Furthermore, you will see the pros and cons of this bundle and why I ultimately decided to buy it myself and have been super happy!

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