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Seven Best Money Making Phone Apps – Earn More Monthly

Earn Extra Money Using Phone Apps

Seven Best Money Making Apps
Seven Best Money Making Apps

Money making apps are becoming extremely popular. Many of us are just trying to get by with our regular jobs. Then there are the families living off of one income, like mine. So some extra cash here and there can really help out.  Especially when you are earning income for something you already do, like grocery shopping or trying to get rid of unwanted clothing.

Moreover, these money-making apps are awesome at adding supplemental income and time-savers because you are not clipping coupons! So pull out your smart phones and get ready!

Some of the Apps listed below require some work, but are by far, my favorite ways to earn a side hustle, as they like to say now days!  However, they are all user-friendly and worth your time!  Especially if you are looking for some play money or want to budget for next month’s grocery bill.


Ibotta-Awesome Rebate and Money Making App

Ibotta Review – Learn the Ins and Outs of Ibotta to Score Extra Cash on Groceries

Do you love saving on your grocery bill? Me too, and I use Ibotta to do just that!

It is a needed expense but sometimes it can literally eat up your monthly budget. I’d like to lower my grocery cost but with two kids and a husband, we are mainly buying budget food we need and we don’t really go overboard. (Well, maybe a little at Costco)….

Luckily, there are ways to help the average person save! The Ibotta app actually gives you money back on your grocery bill and other items you buy and it is super easy to use!

I’ve been using Ibotta for around two years! It saves me the hassle of always having coupons with me. Although, you can stack coupons with this app. so you can double dip your savings!

Below you will find out how to use Ibotta and why I like it! I have made over $216 to date just by submitting my grocery receipts. Why leave money on the table?

Click my Ibotta link here and get $10 when you submit your first receipt!

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Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


Say Goodbye to Impulse Buys – Save Money

We often hear people talk about a need versus a want and the impulse to spend? However for the average impulse spender, this may sound like a foreign idea. If we want it, we need it, right? Impulse buys are one major way to throw off your budget.  Nonetheless, being able to have impulse control over spending could really save you money.

Save Money - Say Goodbye to Impulse Buys
Save Money – Say Goodbye to Impulse Buys


You may be asking, why would I want to do this? I like shopping! I love treating myself and I love the thrill of spending!

Yet, do you ever have that feeling of emptiness after you bought an expensive item you didn’t need? Have you ever bought something to make yourself feel better? Well this post is for you (and let’s face it 90% of us have-including myself!) Retail therapy used to be my stressor’s best friend.

So what is a need?

There are the basics. For example, we need food, water, clothing and shelter. Additionally, paying your mortgage/rent and utilities are big needs. If you have children you will need diapers and baby food. Additionally, we all have transportation costs. In fact, needs vary from person to person. Therefore, prioritize what you really need. Then if you have money left, buy your want! (That’s after saving too.)


Epic Goal Setting and Productivity – Free Goal Setting Printable

Failing to plan, is planning to fail. – Benjamin Franklin

Goal setting… A way to reach for your dreams. As a former teacher part of my job was to teach kids to believe in themselves and I enjoyed teaching how to set goals and stick to them.  It’s true, many of us have a clear vision of where we want our lives to be. Yet, finding the next step on that path can prove to be difficult. Although research shows many New Year’s goals go to the wayside by February, studies also show people who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

Epic Goal Setting & Productivity
Epic Goal Setting & Productivity-pic courtesy of wonderfelle

Many goals are financial, personal or health-related; whatever it is you want to work on, you will need to set up a plan of action. In my post below, I will teach you how to set goals with three examples. Use my examples to start your own plan of action! Don’t worry if you fail, you can always adjust your goals down the road and learn from this. You can do this!

Here is a free Goal-setting Printable PDF to help you on your journey! Goal Setting


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