Target Bathing Suit Sale and More 2/26-3/4

Target Sales 2/26-3/4
Target Sales 2/26-3/4 – Bathing Suits

Ready for some awesome Target Deals?  Target has some great sales this week and as Spring is fast approaching, I am positive you will love the swim suit sale, especially if you are taking a vacation soon! Can anyone say “Spring Break?” My family and I are taking a budget vacation to Cancun (post to follow after the trip) this year. I’m going to shop the suits before we go.

Not to mention the sale on flip-flops! You can coordinate your flip-flops with your swim suit!

Spring cleaning is in the air and it is time to declutter!  There is a sale on home storage!

After you clean out your bedroom, lighten up the mood with new bedding.  My husband and I decided to get each other a new comforter for Valentine’s Day, but I have yet to pick one out. Maybe this will be the week.

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If you are shopping online, don’t forget to go through Ebates. Don’t have an Ebates account? Sign up here and receive a $10 bonus.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Target Online and In-store Deals Week 2/26-3/4


BOGO 50% off women’s swim. Valid 2/21-3/4

Women’s flip flops and canvas sneakers BOGO 50%. Valid 2/26-3/4


Spring Cleaning Storage Sale. Save up to 20% on Threshold & Room Essentials storage and organization. Valid 2/26-3/4



Home sale! Up to 25% off furniture, decor, bedding, bath, dining & entertaining. Valid 2/26-3/4

Target has a new jewelry line coming out. They have partnered with Baublebar and have a new collection called sugarfix. It is simply delightful.

Don’t forget to shop clearance. Stock up on winter supplies for your kids and buy a size up for next year! You can score some amazing deals this way.

Last but not least, to sweeten the deal and price, if you pay with your REDcard, you receive 5% off and free shipping. That is a bargin.

Leave me a comment and let me know if you ended up shopping any of these awesome deals. I’ll leave a picture if I find a swim suit; however, swim suit shopping doesn’t always go the way I want it to, so we will see!

Take care – Sarah

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Secret to Outstanding Brows for Way Less

Secret to Outstanding Brows For Less
Secret to Outstanding Brows For Less

Secret to Outstanding Brows for less

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Looking to get perfect brows but don’t want to break your bank? I’m right there with you! In today’s post I’m going to reveal an amazing brow pencil I randomly found that is super cheap, but works great! You are going to love it.

First, let me preface by telling you about the brow pencil I was using from Sephora. I loved how it made my brows look. It worked well and the color was fabulous; however it was getting pretty small after sharpening and the idea of dragging two kids into Sephora to buy another was not on my top ten list of things to do for fun.


How to Let Go of Items You Once Loved


Letting Go of Items Once Loved
Letting Go of Items Once Loved

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Did anyone used to watch the show “Hoarders”? The story-line involved people who could not let go of accumulated stuff and their houses were eventually overtaken by knick knacks and other sentimental treasures.  Experts would swoop in and try to convince the poor souls to let go of items to improve their living conditions.  I’m not even sure it is still on, but let’s face it, we all have a bit of that sentimental hoarding-side that makes us clutter-happy. (Useful Tips for Decluttering Your Home and Gaining Perspective).

Why Is It So Hard?

The definition of a hoarder is “a person who hoards things.” (Google definitions) So true, it is easy to have obsessiveness with certain items. Mostly, we hold on to stuff that evokes emotion and conjures up memories and/or nostalgic feelings.

Nonetheless, fear is triggered when parting with our items. We have a fear of regret. We are anxious of forgetting our dearest memories. Of course, we do not want to let go of these wonderful items.


Target Deals Week of 2/19-2/25

Target Deals
Target Deals

I haven’t posted any Target deals in a while because I have focused on other content areas. However, since I have caught up and I’m posting two content related articles each week, I figured why not try the Target thing again because I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Target!


10 Outstanding Ways to Save on Dining Out


10 Outstanding Ways to Save on Dining Out!
10 Outstanding Ways to Save on Dining Out!


Great food, ambiance, company, conversation…Who doesn’t like a good night out? Dining out with the family is a wonderful experience. The chef in your house gets a break and you can enjoy the company of loved ones.  Yet, dining out can also be expensive and wreak havoc on your budget.

It would be fun to eat out often; however, it is not always sustainable financially. Nonetheless, there are sensible ways to eat out at restaurants for the occasional treat.  However, I do not recommend dining out often if you are on a budget. Yet going out once or twice a month using the tips listed below, will give you a fun endeavour and won’t break the bank. So pack up the kids and hit the town!

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Secrets to Saving for an Emergency Fund Now!

Emergency Fund – The Secrets to Saving Now

Secrets to Saving for an emergency fund now!
Secrets to Saving for an emergency fund now!

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Imagine you wake up, get ready for work and start to walk out the door.  Suddenly you step into a puddle on the carpet. The next step is an even bigger puddle! What is this? Why is the carpet drenched? After searching more, you realize your water heater has flooded! (True story)

Imagine sitting in your miserably hot house because your air conditioner broke. The unbearable 90 degrees humid weather creeps in and you and your family are left hot and crabby! (True story)

Both of these situations happened to me and my family. These were times when we needed a large amount of money to fix the situation at hand. Fortunately we had an emergency fund saved to ease the burden of these surprise bills. Whether it be your water heater, new roof, health emergency, car accident or any other situation with a surprise bill, there are times in life when you need extra money above your regular budget. (Budgets 2017, New Year, New Budget)


Useful Tips for Decluttering Your Home and Gaining Perspective

Decluttering and Organize Your House

Declutter your house and gain perspective
Declutter your house and gain perspective

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“The Secret of Getting ahead, is getting started.” – Mark Twain


Amazing Asics – Best Shoe for Runners

Asics Review

Asics Review
Asics Review

If you checked out my blog resolutions post you will remember I am going to run a 10K this year. I’ve done many races but took a break after having my two kids. Then I got back into running last summer and I got a new pair of shoes for Mother’s Day from my hubby and kids!  Of course they wouldn’t have went with any other choice than Asics! They know me too well! I laced those hot pink, cushy sole babies up and hit the pavement!

If you do races, take a minute to look around at the ground.  You will see about 70% of the runners are wearing Asics. There is something to be said about this. These shoes are comfortable, designed well, and fashionable! Hands down, they are awesome!

I have tried other brands of running shoes, but once I tried this brand, it is the only one I will wear.

This post contains affiliate links. If you click a link and make a purchase, I will make a small commission at no cost to you.


10 Secrets to Spoiling your Husband Free of Charge

  1. Spoil your man for free
10 Secrets to Spoiling your Man for Free
Spoil your husband for free!

Do you want to spoil your husband with gifts? Are you on a budget? Then this post is for you!

Yes, ladies…I’m going to give you some great ways to make your husband or boyfriend feel like a king, that won’t cost you a thing!

My husband is the hardest person to shop for. My humble hubby never wants for a thing. When I ask him what he wants for any Holiday his response is always, “I don’t need anything”.

Not only is he one of the most generous, deserving people I know, he is also a great Daddy to our two boys.  He is the type of Dad that changes diapers, puts our two-year old down for a nap and kisses us all good-bye on his way to work. Not to mention, taking the boys with him to Costco so I can have a break. He is a breath of fresh air in a money-hungry world, yet he never wants anything.

In light of his selfless behavior, coming up with gift ideas can become a brutal task.  However, if you have a man you want to honor, then let the list below be your guide.  I promise, he will be touched by your thoughtfulness.

With Valentine’s Day close by, I thought a great gift post was relevant and helpful, but really ladies, these gifts can be used to make your man feel special anytime of the year!

So let’s get right into it! I’ve listed ten free ways to keep your man feeling like he is and will always be, the love of your life!

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Epic Ways To Teach Kids About Money – At All Stages

Teaching kids about money

Teaching kids about money
Teaching kids about money at all stages

Kids learn at different ages and different stages. With that being said, one important lesson every parent should teach is the power to be in control of money. According to eight out of ten people are in debt in the United States alone.  Moreover, wouldn’t it be amazing if your kiddo was one of the two out of ten that are not in debt?

“Mighty Oaks from little acorns grow.” anonymous proverb

If you teach your child basic money lessons through-out all stages of development, he or she will then be able to handle finances as an adult. Therefore, starting early is the key! Plant the seed and your child’s money IQ will grow. You can begin a solid money foundation with your child. This will be in your best interest, because they will not ask you to borrow money!

How early is too early? Children can understand the concept of money at a very young age.  My two-year old knows that we have to pay for items when we go to the store and he helps me hand our groceries to the cashier upon checkout. Nonetheless,  I was just telling my four-year old son how much money I have in my retirement accounts and he asked me if I had interest and investors.  Kids are little sponges and they soak up what they hear mommy and daddy talking about. I’m not saying my son really understands what investing is, but he will one day.  Start those conversations and be open about money with your kids.

As you continue reading, this post will give you ideas on how to begin teaching your child about money. You will find age-based examples to help guide you in your money-teaching quest.  Furthermore, I am a former teacher and if there is one thing I love, it is teaching kids real-life skills.